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About Rachel Milner

Hi my name is Rachel Milner! I am a military wife, a mother of two and I have been working as a real estate agent since 2013. I was born and raised in NY, moved to NC and practiced real estate there for about 6 years. The military has brought my family to Cedar Rapids, IA and now we have decided to make this our forever home. I received my real estate license in IA in 2020 so I can continue doing what I love, selling real estate! It is a pleasure of mine to be able to help people make investments that will not only benefit them financially, but give them life long memories. Some hobbies of mine are sewing, gardening, and other homesteading skills. Thank you for choosing me as your realtor today and allowing me the opportunity to do what I love, while also being able to be there for my children. God bless!